Company AB Eurokonto d.o.o. manufactures electronic components. We are qualified for winding coils and toroidal coils.

A huge gain for us was employment of Mr. Molan Vinko, who has many years of experience and proper knowledge in manufacturing electronic components.  With the employment of Vinko we gained specialized knowledge for winding all kinds of coils and toroids.

Mentioned companies were one of the first who worked with Iskra feriti d.o.o., Kolektor group d.o.o. but above all they have worked for foreign companies.

Currently our company works with:

  • FW Industrievertretung GmbH,
  • HW-Systemtechnik GmbH,
  • L-Tek d.o.o. Šentjernej d.o.o.,
  • Hitelektronik d.o.o.,
  • NKL GmbH,
  • Infineon Austria AG
  • PSG Procurement Services GmbH

Products are wound by hand or semi-automatic with the tools that we have created through our toolmakers, for larger quantities and products suitable for electronic winding we are using the specialized machine (Meteor).

Material is delivered by our suppliers – toroidal cores and wire. If desired, customers can acquire material themselves (depending on the plan itself and requirements).

For any questions, suggestions and observations, as well as an appointment for a business meeting please contact usthrough email address or call us at +386 51 442 012

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